ShaveCon is having its first annual ShaveCon Shaving Convention on April 15th to 17th in San Diego, CA.

The first ever shaving meet up and convention of its kind, the first annual ShaveCon Shaving Convention is slated to be an exciting event. Shaving companies from all over the world will be attending the convention to bring visitors the best razors available today. The founder of the event says, “I am very excited to be doing the first annual ShaveCon Shaving Convention in San Diego and I am sure that people will be excited to see what we have to offer”.

Different types of razors, safety, straight, cartridge and electric, and other products such as creams, soaps and grooming accoutrements will be featured at the ShaveCon Shaving Convention. Exhibitors are coming from all over the world. The idea of the convention is not just to advertise different razors and the brands but also allow visitors to gain more information about the different types and the shaving experience they offer. The event founder states, “We created this convention to give grooming and shaving fans the ultimate interactive experience. They are able to see, touch, smell and experience the products”.

The Convention will also host a world wide barbershop contest called the “King and Queen of ShaveCon”. Straight razors barbers from all over the world can enter the contest. People who are not located in California can enter via video. The convention organizer says, “Anyone who wants to enter the King and Queen of ShaveCon contest from outside California can enter by submitting videos. More details are available on our website,”.

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