ShaveCon’s founder, Tiffanyanne Kosma, is known throughout the traditional wet shaving community as The Razor Queen. The woman behind the blade truly embodies everything sharp and regal that one would suspect of such a persona.

Flashback to 2009: Tiffanyanne is struggling with all the ugly and painful side effects of a shaving ritual that doesn’t agree with her skin. So began her deeper dive into shaving challenges and solutions, histories and evolutions. Along the way, she was introduced to a “new” way to shave that soothed all her troubles.

But the solution didn’t quench her curiosity–it fanned a flame of passion for all things shaving that had sparked along the way.

Tiffanyanne’s shaving salvation came in the form of a 1964 Pink Lady Gillette safety razor, given to her by Roy Johnson, Gillette’s 1978 Salesman of the year. Johnson’s gift was larger than a razor, however. Sensing the depth of Tiffanyanne’s intrigue and impressed by her insight, he introduced her to the culture of shaving. She was warmly welcomed into the vintage shaving community, and quickly built credibility through her incisive grasp of diverse grooming and shaving affairs.

Despite the scale of the existing vintage shaving community, Tiffanyanne saw that her perspective was unique. She had spent countless hours in pursuit of the expertise she accumulated, and was painfully aware that most shaving guidance remained widely scattered, difficult for those in need to find. Driven by her desire to help others, Tiffanyanne launched a blog, RitualShave.com, and two YouTube channels, to share the original content she felt compelled to create. Her entries educate followers, celebrate enthusiasts, and honor ritual.

Tiffanyanne’s encouraging vibe rapidly led both men and women to seek her one-on-one guidance. Much to her surprise, she found the common obstacle between clients and new shaving styles was fear—fear of injury, discomfort, and the unknown. Altruistic to a fault, she recommitted to alleviating these fears, one soul at a time.

Her gift for connecting with people became apparent early on, when Tiffanyanne won the title of Miss Connecticut. Her grace in the spotlight and knack for marketing quickly turned her into a coveted corporate asset, bringing her clients as elite as Trump Industries and dynamic as Pit Bull Energy Products.

She has traveled the world planning large-scale events, training teams strengthening communities, and inspiring management. With her passion for shaving, penchant for community, connection, and education, and her specific business background, it is no wonder that Tiffanyanne hatched the concept of ShaveCon. Few have the experience to transform such a dream into reality, but her pedigree was a perfect fit for the ShaveCon vision. This epic event is destined to reshape the shaving and grooming industries, bringing together aficionados, purchasers, and purveyors who have, until now, subsisted in highly specialized clusters.

Tiffanyanne’s social media handle and alter ego, The Razor Queen, nods to both her fervor for shaving and her reign as Miss Connecticut. While the moniker suits her beautifully, it humbly lacks reference to her philanthropic core.